Wilhelm & Romon – Accelerating funding for systems change

Wilhelm, N., & Romon, E. (2022). Accelerating funding for systems change. The Philanthropist, 14 March This blog post reports from the journey of a group of 12 organizations in Switzerland to explore the topic of systems change. What (systematic) changes in funding, learning and collaboration are required to support systems change? The authors list five […]

Funding Mechanism Spiderweb Tool

Funding Systems Change initiative – Funding Mechanism Spiderweb Tool This tool was developed by a working group of the Funding Systems Change initiative composed by foundations and social innovators. Its purpose is to help foundations reflect on their funding mechanisms across different dimensions in the funding cycle. These include dimensions whose relevance or implications may […]

Andrews et al. – Community-Based Organizations and High-Capacity Donors

Andrews, E., Bartczak, L., Brest, P., Shamash, R., Tantia, P. (2020). Community-Based Organizations and High-Capacity Donors: Relationships, Perceptions, and Behaviors. Produced in partnership by the Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Community Wealth Partners, & ideas42. From the website: “Through interviews with nonprofit leaders and high-capacity donors, the […]

nfpSynergy – Taking nothing for granted

Saxton, J., & Lindström, E. (2012). Taking nothing for granted: a research report into what charities think a model grant-maker looks like. nfpSynergy. From the website: “In early 2012 the John Ellerman Foundation embarked on a strategic review to find out what a model grant-maker looks like in the eyes of applicants and grantees, and […]

Deny de Jong & Suzanne Kooij – Van capacity building naar Funding Plus (Dutch)

de Jong, D., & Kooij, S. (2017). Van capacity building naar funding plus. Van de website: “Het rapport ‘Van capacity building naar Funding Plus’ van Deny de Jong en Suzanne Kooij is de neerslag van een verkennend onderzoek naar (behoeften aan en aanbod voor) capacity building bij aanvragers van vermogensfondsen. In het rapport wordt in […]