Peter Schubert

Research Affiliate

Peter Schubert is currently a project manager at ZiviZ im Stifterverband, Germany. He holds a Master degree in Nonprofit Management & Governance from the University of Heidelberg and completed his PhD at University of Hamburg in 2020. As part of his doctoral research, he examined the phenomenon of the nonprofit starvation cycle and studied the willingness among grantmkaing foundations to support organizational infrastructure of grantee organizations.

Olena van Horick

Research Affiliate

Olena van Horick is a doctoral researcher at the Center for Philanthropic Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Olena has experience in both philanthropic and for-profit organizations working on organizational change, strategy design and implementation, and general management. Her educational background is in applied mathematics, economics, and international relations. In her Ph.D. project, Olena studies attitudes and practices concerning effective philanthropy. She investigates the implications of funder-grantee relationships and aims to determine which approaches lead to more effective programmes, what makes grantees healthy and sustainable organizations, and eventually, how different actors can influence the effectiveness of philanthropic interventions to achieve a more significant impact.