Pamala Wiepking

Principal Investigator

Prof. dr. Pamala Wiepking holds the Professorship “The societal significance of charity lotteries” at the Center for Philanthropic Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Through her research she aims to improve philanthropy to improve the world. At the Center for Grantmaking Research, she studies the effects of restrictions on grantmaking for grantee effectiveness, as understood by the grantmaker, grantee, and end-beneficiaries. She is also interested to study how participatory grantmaking and trust based philanthropy can improve philanthropy practices.

Arjen de Wit


Arjen de Wit is a researcher and teacher at the Center for Philanthropic Studies at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He uses quantitative, qualitative and computational methods to better understand prosocial behavior and the role of nonprofit organizations in society. Arjen completed his PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on the effects of government subsidies on charitable giving to nonprofit organizations, which resulted in the dissertation ‘Philanthropy in the welfare state: Why charitable donations do not simply substitute government support’ (January 2018). Having a background in Political Science and Sociology, he examines the consequences of unrestricted funding from different perspectives.

Gosha Hooghiemstra

Master student

My name is Gosha Hooghiemstra and I am currently studying sociology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before starting the Master Sociology I finished the bachelor Nursing in Groningen. During my studies I worked at sustainable living and the crisis shelter. There I discovered that I want to focus on research to help progress nursing care in the Netherlands. The thesis I am writing is about the impact of unrestricted funding from the Dutch Charity Lotteries on non-profit organizations. I hope to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge that I gained at VU Amsterdam with my study in practice.​

Michiel Klaver

Master student

Currently I am a master’s student of Sociology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam but before this I’ve been studying Social Work at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. During the Social Work study I started working with (diseased) homeless people in different Salvation Army shelters in Amsterdam. I would like to make a positive social impact on society and I’ve learned in practice that charities are a great way of doing so. Although governments and companies can certainly contribute, it is important to have non-commercial and independent actors such as foundations doing work in society. This is one of the main reasons I’m writing my thesis for the Center of Philanthropic Studies in cooperation with and by using data of the The Netherlands Fundraising Regulator (CBF). I’m researching income effects of Lottery incomes on others revenue streams of charities, such as private donations and government subsidies. Results of prior (international) research show that there is a possibility of either crowding-in or crowding-out effects. I think it is important for charities and lotteries to learn more of these effects in the Netherlands to eventually enhance efficiency and thus possibly make a bigger, positive social impact.



Former team members

  • Olivier Hunnik
  • Anne Floor van der Woude
  • Pelin Zenginoglu