IVAR – Get the basics right: Findings from the Funding Experience Survey

Firth, L., Rooney, K., Moran, R., Cairns, B., & Dyson, E. (2022). Get the basics right: Findings from the Funding Experience Survey. IVAR. From the IVAR website: “Through the Funding Experience Survey, more than 1,200 charities shared what they feel are open and trusting grant-making practices – and why they matter. In sharing their practical […]

Legal Considerations for Trust-Based Philanthropy

Trust-Based Philanthropy Project (2020). Legal Considerations for Trust-Based Philanthropy. A primer on legal considerations for foundations that want to work with trust-based philanthropy. This resource comes from the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project and deals with legal issues in the United States, but may be relevant for other contexts as well. Read the primer here.

Wilhelm & Romon – Accelerating funding for systems change

Wilhelm, N., & Romon, E. (2022). Accelerating funding for systems change. The Philanthropist, 14 March This blog post reports from the journey of a group of 12 organizations in Switzerland to explore the topic of systems change. What (systematic) changes in funding, learning and collaboration are required to support systems change? The authors list five […]

Ashoka Switzerland – Embracing Complexity

Ashoka Switzerland (2022). Embracing Complexity: Towards a Shared Understanding of Funding Systems Change. From the report: “Systemic challenges require systemic answers, but currently the dominant funding practices are ill-suited to support them. Systems change leaders often struggle because current funding practices are often built to support short-term projects with clear, measurable results rather than collaborative, […]

Petraske – ‘Trust-Based Philanthropy’ and the Foundation Board

Petraske, A. (2021). “Trust-Based Philanthropy” and the Foundation Board. Taxation of Exempts, March/April: 25-29. From the article: “This article explores the concept of “trust-based philanthropy” from a legal perspective, primarily for advisers, but also for foundation directors and senior leadership interested in giving (or seeking) funding according to this model.” Read the article here through […]