IVAR – Thinking about… Core funding

Cairns, B., Mills, C., & Ridley, S. (2013). Thinking about... core funding. London, U.K.: Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR).

From the website of the Institute for Voluntary Action Research:

Thinking about… core funding draws on learning from our own and others’ research and interviews with key informants from seven charitable foundations providing core funding to shed light on why, when and how to use core funding.   This publication will be of most use to staff and trustees of charitable trusts and foundations that are engaged in providing core funding or are interested in doing so.   Core funding is not a new issue, nor is it always problematic – many foundations already give core funding and have done so for many years. However, it continues to be a topic of debate and discussion for both foundations and voluntary organisations. We hope this publication will contribute to thinking in this area.”

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