Inaugural lecture of Pamala Wiepking – please be invited

Please be invited for Pamala Wiepking’s inaugural lecture on March 19, 3.45 – 5.00 p.m. during which she will accept the full professorship “The Societal Significance of Charity Lotteries” at the Center for Philanthropic Studies. This part-time professorship is financed by a generous contribution of the Dutch Charity Lotteries.

Link: VU Beadle’s Office – YouTube

The Dutch Charity Lotteries are one of the world’s largest funders and have uniquely been supporting their grantees with unrestricted and multiyear funding since 1989. Recently there has been quite some attention for this way of financing nonprofit organizations. In the Netherlands, but definitely also in the rest of Europe, in the United States, and especially in these times of crisis with the COVID-19 epidemic the relevance of unrestricted, flexible funding is high. However, are there only benefits to this way of financing nonprofits?

During the inaugural lecture, prof. Wiepking will share an overview of the research that our team (including dr. Arjen de Wit, Olivier van Hunnik, MSc. and Floor van der Woude, MSc.) has conducted since the start of the professorship in January 2019. Wiepking will share the current state of knowledge on the effects of unrestricted multiyear grantmaking for grantee effectiveness, and the results from our first qualitative study on the perceived effects of unrestricted grant making as experienced by grantees of the Dutch Charity Lotteries. She will also set out our future research agenda, inspired by conversations with and needs expressed by many involved stakeholders, including –but not limited to- academics, consultants, practitioners working at foundations and grantee organizations, and end beneficiaries.