CEP – Emerging Impacts

Buteau, E., Smith Arrillaga, E., & Im, C. (2023). Emerging Impacts: The Effects of MacKenzie Scott’s Large, Unrestricted Gifts. The Center for Effective Philanthropy.

From the CEP website:

“In just three years, MacKenzie Scott gave more than $14 billion in unrestricted support to more than 1,600 organizations. Her gifts have often come as a surprise to recipients, with no restrictions on how or when they must be used, and with few, if any, reporting requirements. These gifts have been transformational for recipient organizations

Our research aims to explore:

  • Do nonprofits believe this gift has increased their impact and in what ways?
  • How did nonprofits allocate the grant, and what was their decision-making process?
  • Have nonprofits experienced unintended negative consequences of these gifts? What have been the downsides of receiving this gift?
  • To what extent are funders’ beliefs and practices being influenced by MacKenzie Scott’s approach?”

Read the full report here.